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Markus in 2017.
Markus in 2017.

My name is Markus, I was born in the very late 1980s in Austria, in the part of Burgenland that’s more like Styria really. After studying for a couple of years in Kapfenberg and Graz I am now living in Graz where I work in software engineering and volunteer as an emergency medical technician at the Red Cross ambulance service.

When it comes to photography I prefer shooting spontaneously and with available light. I avoid editing my photos heavily. My cameras are a Canon DSLR camera and a Lomo Fisheye camera, which is my absolute favourite. Recently I have also been using a Polaroid camera which I totally love!


I wonder, what I can tell you about myself… Well, there’s my name, but how I got it, is a way too long story. 😉 I was born in the not so late 70s in the part of Burgenland (Austria), that is even more like Styria, than the place, Markus was born… After a few years of living abroad in Calgary, Canada, and a short break staying in Eisenstadt, Burgenland, I finally settled in Vienna, where I’m working as a pharmacist in a hospital.

I’m enjoying fotography for many years now, with ups and downs as with any activity that accompanies one for a lifetime. Nowadays I take more pictures with my smartphone than with my Canon EOS 500D, mostly out of practical reasons. Anyway – it’s still fotography!

Stay tuned for some pictures…


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