You live and learn.

Today is my first day at the Red Cross Eisenerz – I started by picking grey trousers, moving six sick people and finally getting to know a tool for automated resuscitation – LifeBand. It’s really looking brutal, but in Eisenerz, with no doctor on call, it’s necessary to have such a tool that enables the team to move the patient to the next hospital while continuing efficient resuscitation.

LifeBand - Automatted Life Support
LifeBand – Automatted Life Support


A long long long time has passed since my last blog post.

The last weeks were crammed with learning, exams and work. But term is over and I’ve got three months of holidays ahead – not quite. Right now I am back in Kapfenberg in my room, doing the laundry and preparing for Eisenerz, a small town in Styria where I am working as paramedic for 10 days starting tomorrow. Then I’ll go to Rovinj for a week and then I’ll probably return to Eisenerz for another two weeks. And after that, in August, I hope to have more time to post recent photographs. However, I intend to keep a small online photo diary of my days in Eisenerz, so stay tuned! (did’t quite work out, huh?)

Not quite South Africa.
Not quite South Africa.