Paramedic Championship

I was asked to take photos at Red Cross’ Paramedic Championship in Güssing (Landesbewerb für Sanitätshilfe in Güssing). Here’s some impressions. Photos are by me but now property of Rotes Kreuz Burgenland.

New challenge: First Responder

Last week the local provider of emergency medical services equipped me with a First Responder bag, so that I can respond to medical emergencies that happen close to my home. Notifications are issued by the Red Cross depending on severity, proximity and availability of ambulance resources. There is a German article about the First Responder system, and I also worked on a related side project (which I discontinued in 2018).


You live and learn.

Today is my first day at the Red Cross Eisenerz – I started by picking grey trousers, moving six sick people and finally getting to know a tool for automated resuscitation – LifeBand. It’s really looking brutal, but in Eisenerz, with no doctor on call, it’s necessary to have such a tool that enables the team to move the patient to the next hospital while continuing efficient resuscitation.

LifeBand - Automatted Life Support
LifeBand – Automatted Life Support

NovaRock 2009

Last weekend I “worked” at the NovaRock Festival in Nickelsdorf and took a fistfull of photographs. Not many of course, because wounds were to be tended to, patients to be taken care of and drunks to be put into recovery position.